New Client Wants Marriage

"I am strong and dependable man who is very positive in life. I lead an active and healthy lifestyle who is very cheerful and happy man who is humble and Honest. I have great scenes of humor and enjoy to laugh often. I had a very wonderful childhood with very loving parents with great memories of our family. I am passionate about life and the opportunities for adventure within it. I am excited about doing and learning new things, whether it is new cultures, or a new activity. I am passionate about succeeding in all areas of my life. I value creating new businesses, working with and encouraging people, and caring for my friends and family. I like to balance my life with work, relationships, and taking care of myself through exercising. I love the ocean and like to swim. Living in Florida gives me the weather and opportunity to do a lot of water sports and live a healthy life style. I enjoy all types of music & films. I love to travel nationally and international"

 This is his letter.  Dear Girl! If you are interested- Write to us. We will give you more information.

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