New Year's Ball

 Dear Friends!  It was always tradition in  my country, that in winter the people started to organize the Parties, the balls, the Dance's Evenings in order  the  young people could meet their half.  Do you remember the ball where Tatiana Larina  met  for the firs time Onegin?  Poushkin wrote his poem" Eugeniy Onegin "many years ago, but  the description of ball ,.

where Tatiana met Onegin, we all remember from school.

 Now, when the winter came, we  also decided to organize  the Winter Ball  "Fairy-tale of Winter". We think,. it will be interesting. 

 So dear friends, if you want to come to our Ball"Fairy-tale of Winter" and meet you Tatiana or your Onegin- you are wery wellcome. The Ball will be the29th of December in Kiev.  For more information write to us

 or you can call us +380679749242 Luda

In kiev winter came in time.It's time to organize the Winter's Balls.

You are wellcome to Winter's Ball!


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