One More Couple

 In those days in our Agency met  two halfs. And now we have a new couple. But what couple!

 I felt from the first moment that  ,  they will be a couple. My intuition told me this. I always feel when the couple will be born or no.  Many years work always helps.

 It was special evening. For  10 millions peoples of our big city it was usual  evening, but not for us.

 For us it was the evening , which we were waiting longtime.  This evening they met each other and everything changed for one moment"' Stop, moment"- told  he and she at the same moment.

 It was his moment.!  It was her moment!

yes, we ordered a nice dinner at nice restaurant. we were talking, smiling but they were in  a special world. the world of LOVE. It's can happen very rare, but it's happened. And only when you love and when you are loved-

you are happy. This is this case. Bravo!

 He promised to write a long letter about so big love and than we will publish this love story.  He is from France,she is from a  simple Ukrainian village. But the main thing -it's LOVE. 

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