One More Time About Love
  1. vs Dating - (by Love from Kiev) “ Love is Blind.” Shakespear said this, but he also said “ Journeys End in two Lovers meeting.” Probably this is why he killed Romeo and Juliet at the end of his famous Romantic Novel. Love is such fanatic state of affairs of our human kinds which involves biological innate reaction, unexplainable passion and crazy contradictory journeys of spiritual twist. The most of government promote marriage even in the divorce rate might be higher than couples stay together. The countries like Sweden, Denmark, Japan, still promote light porn TV shows to stimulate the rate of sexual intercourse of both married and unmarried couples. Sounds like these government is worried about their own decreasing income from Tax by decreasing population. And this is true fundamental questions we want to ask ourselves. After World War 2, almost every nations tried to improve their economic living standard. I am talking about both communist and democratic countries.
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