Our New Client

This letter send to us our new client Ismael.

It's hard to talk about oneself, but I think I'm a mature, open-minded, loving man. I really appreciate married life: Leave the detail after communicating with God. I'm a young man from Salé. I'm 27 years old, cultured, clean, respectful, religious, good "I want a woman to marry No money, no position, no matter if you are divorced, or a big age, or a widow, we hope to have a work that we share with each other now, one hand does not clap, my dream lady has a heart before a body possesses a mature romantic feeling. The beauty of feelings and feeling before the shape of a lady adores the man to the character of his sweetheart The woman's vow will be good and honest in her important feelings. Be humble and understanding wife. Help me in the religion and the world. I have no other purpose, and I have to be honest with God. And you can understand how you feel when you need it to help you even listen to your worries without fatigue. A person knows that you mean a lot to him and that he will not compensate you with the treasures of all of them. It does not matter how old you are. What matters in our life is nothing but care and expression of the heart. Is the most important thing in life for J, for those who are interested please and not to leave comments and comments for comments, please speak in private, you only have to contact me and thank you. For reference I am a serious person only \ 00212663267013

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