Party for Marriage Minded People

 Today in Kiev  was a big Party  of marriage-minded peoples . Many men from many countries came to Kiev to take part in this Party. Many girls and women came to this Party from all Ukraine. It was really great! I am sure, that will be many marriages . 

 Great organization, good wine, good food, good music-  everything was really great! The girls were dressed very nice, everybody were smiling, good atmosphere during 5 hours!. Great!. 

 Many my clients wanted also to come, but sometimes it's not easy. For those clients I made the photos and video , which I will publish in my site as soon as possible.

 Better one time to see that seven times to read.

It was interesting to be in the Party to everybody.

Good atmosphere here1

This is me. I  helped my client from France to find a right girl. It's seems that he met her in this Party.


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