Party of Marriage Minded People

 One for 3 or 4 months In  Kiev we have a big Party of marriage minded people. It's a big event in Kiev. Many girls from all cities and  and villages come in Kiev for this Party. And what about the men? 

Men come from all over the world. Yes, yes. In the Party you can meet all nationalities. As a rules, after the Party will be 2 or 3 marriages. And we always try to help our clients in organisations of meeting the girls after the Party.

 Party can give the big chance to men to meet the dream girl. Would it be possible to persuade 800-1200 ladies to come to meet one man? Of course not! To meet the girls independently, you, dear men, waste precious time scheduling and arranging individual meeting. Ladies frequently  are not available. And even with photos and phone calls, it's impossible to predict if you will like each other face-to -face.

 Yesterday we had the big Party of marriage minded women and men from all the world. I am sure, that will be few marriages soon.

 It was very nice organized. It was nice , sunny day yesterday in Kiev. Everybody were very well dress and good vine and food were so tasty in the bar.  The restaurant was very beautiful decorated and it was so nice to be there. 

 But , I think it will be better one time to see , that many times to read. 

Dear friend!. I will publish some photos which I made myself. The photos not very good, but at least you can see how  wonderful it was!

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