I know, that many my client are waiting my news about the Party the 24th of November in Kiev.  Some of them wanted to come , but they dint have the possibility to come. Maybe next time. We will inform you , when next time will be the Party of marriage minded girls and men from all the world.

 This time it was great,  real great. I;m in this business 20 years already, but the Party so nice it was the first time. I liked a lot. And not only me, everybody , who was there liked a lot. 

 It's better to see, than to read, 

I will publish some photos, they are not professional, but they are real. 

 Dear men! If you coudn't come this time to the Party in Kiev, It's not big problem. We will invite you next time, YOU ARE VERY WELCOME!

Many girls from all Ukraine came to the Party.

Many girls and many men here, I'm sure will be  al leasr 2 or 3 marriages, like as a rule.

It seems. that my client Tania has just meet her  man.

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