Romantic Date

Yesterday in our agency our client From Germany met his dream girl. I am sure of this. They liked each other from the first sight. He is a personality, strong, educated, sportive-real man;she tender, slim, beautiful, educated,  a little shy, young girl, Miss Charm of Ukraine.

He came to date like a real man. He brought the most beautiful flowers from the Flowers shop. Look to those photos. Real man! This date was in the restaurant "Pacher" , which  is in the center of  Kiev.

 Dear my clients! I want that you look those photos and also you will come to the date with flowers. It is so romantic to see a man with flowers in the first date. 

 Yesterday was a cold weather, but atmosphere in the restaurant "Pacher"  thanks for my clients was very warm and romantic. I wish to them be happy. It is too early to speak about marriage, but there is a big possibility that It is can happen

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