Romantic Engagement

 This winter in our agency  we had few engagement. It is always very nice. But I want to speak today about very special, very romantic engagement, which we had this winter in the village.

 It was engagement of our client Kate with Nick, our client from USA. The engagement was in the small village, where Kate were born. Nick  was in Kiev many times before he decided to make proposal about marriage to Kate. But he was never in the Ukrainian village. For him It was like  visiting of new planet. But he liked a lot all relatives of Kate, the sincerity  of all relatives of Kate, the  food, prepared in the old Ukrainian traditions and the nature.

 This day was so beautiful, It was really the present of Heaven to our couple. They decided that was a good sing to them to their future life. Marriage will be happy. We are sure.

 In this village was Kate's engagement.

Nick told that this was the most beautiful road  in his life.

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