Serge is Ready for New Love

 This is our client Serge from France. He is our client  long time. 

 Two years ago he mat in our Agency a woman, which he liked a lot. Everything was nice between them. It was a big love. But sometimes even big love  can be finished. It's life. We cannot do nothing. Love or there is , or no.

 So our client is alone now. But he is a brave man. He is sure , that he will find his destiny. We will help him.

 Serge lives in the South of France in a big house alone. He has everything in his life, soft his loved woman.

 He in an engineer.  He like the nature and simple life. He likes his home, his mother, his 2 children and the life itself.

 Seeking a simple woman about 50 years old. Write to him:

 He will be happy to receive  a letter from a simple woman from the village. Serge is very lonely.

Serge has at home a very good collection of wine

It was a big love, but now no more. Sad story, but it's life.

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