Spring- Season of Love

 In Spring, as a rule, we have a lot of engagements in our agency. This spring   is also rich for the engagements. We had already few only during this month.

 But the most bright engagement was in the restaurant " Prague" in Golossyevsky Park  in Kiev. why  the most bright? Because the people were looking for each other many years and when  they met each other it was like a BLOW OF THUNDERCLAP! They saw each other in their dreams before I presented them each other. Mystery? No, LOVE. 

 It is better one time to see then seven time to read. I can publish some photos of this couple and some photos of the restaurant in order that you, dear readers, can enjoy with us this atmosphere of love. I want to wish to this my couple always be so happy like they were this evening!

They are Happy!

We celebrated the engagement in the restaurant  "Prague"- one of the best restaurant of Kiev.

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