They in Love

 It;s so nice to help the people to be happy! I work about 20 years in this work and every time when I arrange a new couple I'm Happy like a child. 

What can be better than LOVE in this world. You can buy almost everything in this world, only you cannot buy the LOVE! 

 This couple met in my Agency last year. It was not love from the first sight, but they  felt something special the first evening. He wanted to find a relationship with a lot of love, convincement and everything, what is important for a relationship and what everybody is dreaming for a relationship. He wanted to meet a sweet, caring,  cheerfull, faithful, open-minded, attractive and fit young lady. who has a good heart for  a long-term relationship and possible marriage in the future. 

 He is spontaneous, open-minded, kind hearted, with strong moral values and a great sense of humor Plus he received the best education in one of the best University of Europe - in Sorbonna.

 She is also educated, but she received the education in Ukraine. But when they start to speak- they can speak  about everything in this world. He knows a lot and she also can speak about politic, history,  planets,  literature classical  and modern, music classical and modern, rock music, artist and so on. I'm well educated person, I graduated 2 Universities, but sometimes it was difficult to me to translate everything because I dint know the subject.

 When they are together - the time runs so quickly.

 He din't buy the ring with diamond jet. they din"t arrange the day of wedding jet, but I think, the most important is that they met each other and they feel happy to be together.

 Let's wish  them be healthy and do not lose what they have today! It's also a lot.

  We  had  a good dinner together  in the Fish restaurant in Ocean Plasa.

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