Tom is Looking for Dream Girl

How its possible do not find one girl between so many girls? No, its cannot be like this. I decided to take everything in my hands. I asked the peoples where  we could meet a lot of girls in this region. 

Maybe will be reasonable to look in the Marriage agency in Odessa. Why not?
Tom accepted my idea without enthusiasm. He have been in Odessa few times and  visited  some marriage agencies. But if we are here, not far from Odessa-lets try. Finally Tom agreed.
But his intuition was right. He dint  find his dream there. Odessa  is a very beautiful city, but our task was to find a dream girl for Tom, not look sight things in Odessa. And we went to the village Kotovsk near Odessa, because Tom wanted to find only village girl. He was sure that the girls in the small villages are better for marriage then then the girls from  big cities.

What to do? The wish of the client-it’s a low for us.
We went to the small village Kotovsk near Odessa.
Tom like to travel. Everything is interesting for him. He is very educated person and he wanted to know about the history of this place, about the life of peoples, about the cultural life. Tom paid attention that in our country there are a lot of homeless animals.

-Who take care about them?
But suddenly a charming girl came, gave the food for a cat, gave to him a little tenderness and Tom told to me”I want the girl like this-kind with big heart. Lets look only this type of girl.”

We were looking all day. It was very hot. I was tired and I was  ready to stop our search. We decided to have dinner in a simple  village cafe. I was simple cafe in the center of the small village, which name I even never heard in my life. I dint expect to have nice dinner in that small not representative cafe. I was looking the menu having the  little hope to find  something tasty in this small cafe.

But our dinner was very good, we meet nice and friendly people. And Tom are  interested in one of the girls who working in cafe. Maybe she is a dream girl?

Here I show more photos from our trip.

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