Tom is Looking for Love

Tom met so many gils in this trip that not choose one is always impossible. We were looking everywhere: in the shops, in the markets, in the exhibitions, in the restaurants, in the beaches, in the transports, in the train stations-everywhere, where we can meet the people. We changed the cities, the villages, the towns - and no result. Sometimes it seemed to me that Tom is looking for a dream, but for real girl. But I dint want to tell him about this. Tom was sure that he will find this special girl.

Sometimes in the little shop of a little village you can  see very interesting things. Ukrainian girls like to buy the jewelry in the cities and in the villages.

Tom Continue His Searchers. 
Today our last day of the search of Tom’s dream girls. He told to himself” If today I will not find her-I will be alone for the rest of my life”.

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