Tom is Looking for Wife

Hello Luda!

I would like your opinion about putting this in a letter to ladies with young daughters hoping for a husband and father.

Hello Dear!

When you find that comfortable place, the one that gives you peace, excitement, beauty, and contentment naturally you want to make it home. I'm happy I found all those wonderful feelings here in Lviv. I came to retire but got bored so now I work as a native English teacher. I'm content except one hugely important thing is missing. I don't have a wife to love, to cuddle, kiss, caress, care for, to share life's joys with. I need love! More...I need constant touching and caresses. I am a very affectionate man who needs the same qualities in a woman.

Let's face it, if a young woman with a small child would consider a marriage with a man my age we should be realistic as well as romantic in considering the match. While I have a grown son in America I always wanted a daughter. I can offer some real advantages to consider. First, after we marry and I adopt your daughter I can guarantee support until she is 18 even if something happens to me first. Also, at the moment of adoption she will be an American citizen. I do not plan on going back to America to live. I hope to find a young woman who can love me and together we can have a strong family. She will be happy to be in Ukraine closer to friends and family but provide a better life and future for the daughter she loves. If this describes you please write to me.

Sadly, I know not everyone is sincere on these sites so PLEASE if this possibility is not attractive to you just ignore this letter. I do not want to read a rejection letter! If I don't get a letter I will have to continue my search with another lovely Ukrainian lady. If you ARE attracted you must sign the IMBRA form in your agency office before writing to me with your contact information. The site can tell me if you have signed the form so I can then read your letter. I really hope to hear from you!)) 

Kiss, Tom

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