Tom’s Trip

We were in the simple cafe in a small village in the South of Ukraine. Here the time goes more slowly that the time in the big cities and maybe that’s why here the people are different from the people  who lives in the big cities.
In cafe was nobody except us
-Somebody will come to serve us or no? Asked I Tom. Tom had the same  question. 
And just in the same minute a charming  young girl appeared near  our table.
-My name is Maya.i will be your waitress-told she.
Her voice was so pleasant and clean that it seemed to me that it was the voice of Angel. I was looking at this beautiful girls and i was sure that never in my life,never I have seen so beautiful girl.
Her big blue eyes very so deep and clean at the same time, that it was  impossible to take my eyes away.
I looked at Tom and i understood that Tom found his dream girl.

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