True Love is ...

We continue to publish a letter from one our client:


3. Girls with Parents issues.

When the girl is using parent to make excuse then this huge red flag. Typically immature or selfish girls love to use her mom or dad to defend their errors or problems. Either way, the girl is not independent nor free enough to make her own choices for her life. Dump this types of girls asap! Stop wasting your time. Little daddy's girl will give you trouble for the rest of your life!
And plus if her parents are interfering your relationship from begin also must reconsider the whole thing..because if her parents want to give you hard time now then after you guys are married..then they will continue to give you headache. Dump her and move on.

4. Does she care about you?
Every thing starts from small things. Eating in restaurant or drinking teas at cafe...even walking on the street. When both of you are in good conditions, of course things will go smooth..but monitor how does she react when she is in pain or bad mood. If she only care about her pains and mood and disregard your mood or your physical conditions...then seriously consider dumping her.

This habbits won't change easily.

5. Big lie or small lie..
Lying is lying. If you catch her lying..then it is bad sign and move on. These types girls will lie to you and her parents and her friends..for her own convenience. Don't try to convince yourself she did it for better reason. Lying in habitual manner will create huge disaster later. 

True Love is hard to find...
And it is even harder to build...

The catch is ...for you to try out and take might meet some one genuinely good one but the best expected girl might become your worst nightmare...but this is learning process...

We all need to learn it hard or harder way ...some one might get lucky to find some one true at first sight.

But is definitely worthy to try out.

Life is full of surprises and unexpected incidents by journey you never took before.

Love your self and make final decision to be with the one who loves you with genuine heart.

Love can be most fantastic journey or can be worst disaster of your life...

Good Luck Gentlemen..
My hope and prayer for you to find the right one.

Don't justify yourselves to live with compromised medicore girl. Be with some one makes you feel complete.

God bless you brothers in Journey.

From Kiev with Love

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