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 Mika is our client from Sweden. He is very serious about marriage. That's why we publis his letter and his e-mail direct. We want to help him to find a girl for marriage. Mika is very  nice person. Here his Letter about himself:

 his e-mail is:

Hello intresting girl!!

I can´t write 100% correct english, i understand and speak quite good but i can´t write so good. I really hope that you will understand what Iam writing. I speak: English,Swedish,Finish and Norway..I am 40 years and 183 cm , 75 kg...I have light brown eyes! I am born in Finland the city Lahti, I moved to Sweden when i was 19 years old and I lived here 16 years. I love this country!!!

i have a brother he is living in Finland he is 29 years old, my parents are living in sweden the same city as me..., I visit them once a week...I have a really good relationship with my parents...I love them very much...And them portent part of my life!

I am a very kind and open person with a sense of humor, I am and think positiv...or at least most of the times and I am hard working to...I hope I find a serious woman, who will like me as friend and as a partner, I am young...(as a person) fun, spontanious, serius...and also *charming*

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