Wants Marriage

 This is our client from USA. His name is Joseph. He lives in California. Joseph was never married and has no children. But he is ready  for marriage. 

 Joseph is well-established, good- natured man who balances work and recreation. He enjoys the arts, sport, animals and travel. Although very pleased with his life, I live in California where the climat is very good all year round, but He  would be happier if he will find an attractive, kind,easy-going woman who can appreciate a kind, honest and sincere man with blue eyes. In the world only 4% of people with blue eyes lives now. In the future all populations of our planet will be with black eyes. This future will be after 200 or 300 years.

 So , dear woman, be in a harry. With so beautiful blue eyes to find a man for marriage  to find It's very difficult. Later- will be more difficult. So, dear women, if you like Joseph photo and his profile -write to him   Brideskiev@ gmail.com     for Joseph

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