We are Real

You look in the site to the photo of the girl and you think  " Is she a real person or maybe the site just posts such messages to bait you? The short answer: There are no so called "bait" profile in my site set up by the site. It's guaranteed that the girls are real. Many photos I do myself. Maybe they not so professional, but without photoshop. I try to do the photos in real life. In the street. In the restaurant. In the nature in order when a man will meet a girl – he will be not desappointed. My Agency doesn’t write a lettes to the men. We works only with real persons. We arrange the meetings with real girls. That’s why we have created many couples in many countries.

You can write the letters one year, but when you come and meet the girl- you can be so desapointed, that you want to go home immediately. Its can happen very often.

We propose to our client also the real meeting in our Parties. The next will be soon –the24th of November at 17.00 -21.00 in Kiev.


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