Wedding Soon

 It's so pleasant to prepare the wedding of my couple. As a rule, in wedding I'm responsible for flowers and for a Wedding Dress. It' my favorite work.

 Of course, in order to have this work - before you need to do another work- to create this couple; not create, all marriages are in the  Heavens, I only can help them to meet each other. If you are not in this business,  you cannot even  imagine how it's difficult to create the couple, it's very stressful job and very responsible. Sometimes it;s take the years, sometimes the months, sometimes never.

 But if a person is really ready to have a family- It;s always works.  Our country is a country of brides. It's true. Our women are the best wife in the world. Our women saved this value of  family, Which every man in his soul and looking for the woman this type. Yes, modern women are also very nice: they drive the cars,  have the job which before had only men, have the possibility to travel all world around, but all man want to see in their home, first of all, a mother of his children,but not successful   lady  in his home. No, modern men have nothing against a successful wife, they want that she will be successful in the life, but at home she must be tender, calm, good cooker,caring, modest, understanding like his mother was  many years ago. Modern western woman is changed.  She had to be changed. Our woman also will change in the future, but for now Ukrainian woman has this, I cannot even find a correct word to write , but I;m sure the men  can understand what I'm talking about. That's why they try to come to our country and to find this one, only one which can remind him his mama , when he was a little boy.

 So,  The most difficult job is done- they met each other. Now it;s not a job for me - It's enjoyment. To trepare the wedding It's so nice!

 The most responsible  thing -to  choose the wedding dress.

  He is from Monaco, she is from Kiev. Different culture, different tastes. The dress has to be the best in the world. Do you agree with this? I;m sure that "YES'.

 As I'm Ukrainian woman and a patriot of my country. I propose  Ukrainian  designs.

 We just start to work with  a very talented  peoples who can make very beautiful wedding dresses" Dominiss".We recommend to all our clients to buy the wedding dresses only here. Look yourself:


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