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N381 Ekaterina

Elegant, stacked, kind and delicate.
With honors degree in tourism I organize the exhibiting and conferences. Gracefully execute diplomatic co-operation and foreign trade contracts with private corporations.
In a feminine way I creatively introduce marketing strategies and launch new business areas.
Educate, consult and develop skills with caring.
With pleasure I would exchange views in English and French languages. And also dream about speak fluent in Portuguese!))
Melt with aromatic tea. Prepare light and healthy delishes. Adorn home interiors and create stained-glasses. Softly restrain folds of silk, painting the ornaments on scarfs and handkerchiefs.
Develop a fertile imagination in theatres and museum expositions.
Get attracted by refined opera, ballet and frisky play of Jazz.
I refine the body graceful curves In swimming pool, on bicycle saddle or by skating over ice. During the horse ridings I break into a racing gallop, gently embracing the powerful body of a racehorse. Drive a car confidently and park it up elegantly )).
Adore voyages, discovering the different world cultures and unique places.
I am keen to master the foil fancing and to windsurf, skimming the water surface with sail.
Would be (will be) fascinated by a man’s intellect, dignity and sense of humor.
To the chosen man I will gift a romance, care and kaleidoscope of kind emotion.

AGE: 30 years | Weight: 53 kg | Height: 170 cm | Profession: With honors degree in tourism I organize the exhibiting and conferences. | Education: University | Religion: Orthodox

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