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Height 170
Weight 52 kg

Working in businesses aviation .
Last 5 years with 1 owner and his family , also personal assistant of family .

Brown-eyed, charming and gentle lady. Sincere, with a good sense of humor. Love and know how to cook ethnic dishes as well as experiment with the recipes brought from different journeys.
Hospitable hostess, subtly and tastefully lay the table, warming up the appetite with beautifully served dishes. With higher economic education, on the way to getting the second one in the field of customs. Additionally, discovering the wisdom and backstage secrets of art. Working as a "sky swallow", have the opportunities for traveling and studying cultures of different countries opened.
Fluently speak English, learning German. Fond of horse-riding, skillfully and quickly play tennis. Get great pleasure from going in for sport, yoga and meditation. Enjoy the game of backgammon. Inspired by a walk in the fresh air, nature, sounds of the sea. Love listening to the raindrops knocking on the roof, and, at the same time, be under the soft warm blanket with a cup of herbal tea with cinnamon and ginger.
Pleased to attend the classical music concerts, plays and musicals throughout the world. My dream is to see the performance "Sleep no more".
In a man I admire wisdom, kindness, generosity, intelligence and a sense of humor. I’ll present the chosen one with tasty tenderness, warmth and comfort of home.

| Weight: 52 | Height: 170 | Profession: "Sky swallow" | Education: Unive3rs. | Religion: Orthodox

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