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Tania 702

My name is Tania. I live in Kiev. I am 45 years old, 169 cm, 60 kg, divorced. I live alone in my apartment in the center of Kiev. My profession is make-up-artist. I like my job, I like to make my clients happy and they are thankful for me. In my job I am successful person, but in my private life I am not happy. My daughter has her own life and i feel lonely.
I am sure that in this world there is a good man for me. This man can be from any country, any religious, any race and any age. I do not speak English very well, but if my man will find me -i will learn this language very quickly. I have the talents to the languages.
My main hobby is my work, but when i have time I like to work in my garden, to go to the cinema with my friends, to go to the beach of our beautiful river Dniepr.
I like the nature, the animals, the people and the life itself. If somebody ask me to help-I always will help this person. I try to help to homeless animals. In our country the homeless animals Its a big problem.
So, I am simple Ukrainian woman and I am looking for simple man which God will send me. I will accept this man like my destiny and will be thankful to him to spend the rest of life with me.

AGE: 45 years | Weight: 60 kg | Height: 169 cm | Profession: Make-up-artist | Education: College | Religion: Orthodox

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