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Uliana 643

I think that the most important for woman-Its a family. If a woman is alone and cannot find her half- a woman is always in depression.
But in this word, in some place, in some country there is her destiny. Only It is not easy to find it. It is take time and energy.
But I am optimistic person. I believe in my star, I believe in my destiny. I am sure that one day will meet my man and I will be the most happy woman in this moment. I am 30 years already and in this age It is a good time to have the family. All my friends are married already and I always like to visit them and enjoy to see them happy in marriage. I also dream one day to have my family.

AGE: 30 years | Weight: 50 kg | Height: 170 cm | Profession: Interpreter | Education: University | Religion: Orthodox

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